Who wants to be a Millionaire board game with digital lifelines £29.99

Who wants to be a Millionaire board game by Ginger Fox

Who wants to be a Millionaire board game by Ginger Fox is a fun quiz game suitable for a large amount of players as you can play in teams. With 700 questions across the different values there are plenty for you to repeatedly play this game.  


  • Lifelines can be digital or not
  • 700 question cards allows you to play the game again
  • Ability to play in teams
  • The host can play along as well
  • The packaging helps with game play by separating the question cards


  • Pushing the tokens out can damage some of them
  • The questions can be quite easy for regular quiz players

Ginger Fox have taken the popular TV show Who wants to be a millionaire and turned it into a board game including digital lifelines.

Whats in the box?

The box includes 700 question cards, a board, lifeline tokens and answer tokens. There are 6 of each answer tokens, safe haven arrows and lifeline tokens. This allows up to 6 players at a time. If there are more players than that then you can play in teams.

The questions are nicely stored in slots based on their values which makes the box part of the game play and makes it easy to pack away after playing.

The tokens are provided as sheets so you will need to pop out the tokens. The lifelines include 50:50, Phone a Friend, Ask the Audience and Ask the host.

How to play

Each player receives one of each of the lifelines, a playing token, a safe haven arrow and the 4 answer cards. Layout the game board. Choose a player to ask as the host for the first question, the host will change for each round. Starting with the £500 question they read it out and the players place their answer tokens face down in the final answer section of the board. If a player doesn’t know the answer then they can use a lifeline. Once all the players have answered turn the tokens face up. The host flips over the question card to reveal the answer. Players who gave the correct answer move up the board, incorrect answers send the player back to the start position. The role of host passes to the next player and a new round starts. When choosing question cards you always use the cards from the space where the highest player is situated.

How to use the safe haven tokens?

The safe haven tokens can be placed to stop you dropping further than that space after giving an incorrect answer. Players can choose where they wish to place their safe haven tokens.

How to use a lifeline?

There are two ways to use the lifelines depending on whether you have a smart device or not. To play a lifeline, place the lifeline token face up in the lifeline section on the board. If you are playing using a smart device scan the QR code on the question card, select the desired lifeline and follow the instructions.

  • 50:50 – Removes two of the incorrect answers from the question, leaving only two potential answers
  • Phone a friend – Ask a person not playing the game or physically phone a friend to help you answer the question
  • Ask the audience – Shows the audience’s answers to that question. However, remember that the audience might not always be correct
  • Ask the host – The host reveals, to that player only, the answer they gave to the question

If you are playing without a smart device then follow the rules below

  • 50:50 – The 50:50 options for each question can be found on the reverse of the question card, next to the answer
  • Phone a friend – Ask a person not playing the game or physically phone a friend to help you answer the question
  • Ask the audience – Take a look at the answer tokens that each player has given to the question
  • Ask the host – Take a look at the answer token that the host has given for the question.

How to win?

The first player to reach £1 million on the money tree and answer the question correctly wins the game. If after 40 minutes no one has reached £1 million, the player in the highest position on the money tree wins.

What age is it suitable for?

Who wants to be a millionaire the board game is advertised as being age 14 plus although if you are playing in teams then younger players can join in as well.

How much does it cost?

Who wants to be a millionaire board game has the RRP of £29.99 although it is currently available from multiple retailers for less than half the price.

Do they have other products

Ginger Fox have also created board games based on other TV shows including Task Master, Catchphrase, House of games, Top Gear and The Chase.