An escape room puzzle to play at home from The Mystery Agency created by Henry Lewis from the Play that goes wrong £40

Challenging in parts yet lots of fun for escape room fans

The Mystery Agency – The Balthazar Stone is a mystery escape room type game that contains over 25 high quality pieces, challenging puzzles and an entertaining plot.


  • high quality contents
  • can be reused
  • challenging puzzles


  • The first clue is online which can be missed

The Mystery Agency have created a range of Escape room type games that are set to challenge your mind. The Balthazar Stone mystery is about a pirate who plundered lots of ships in the Caribbean and eventually stole a stone, now called The Balthazar Stone. The stone is locked deep in a chest beneath three compartments and your challenge is to access the stone and break the curse.

What is in the box

When you first open the box you are greeted with a newspaper article about a professor who was investigating The Balthazar Stone. The box also contains some shredded paper and a locked wooden chest.

So as not to give away any of the clues I am not going to show you the contents of the chest but all of the contents have been created to a very high standard and the quality and variety of the puzzles kept us thoroughly engaged. There are over 25 pieces in total.

How to get started

Inside the packaging box is a QR code and a password. This will enable you to access your first clue, as well as start a timer and solve the mystery at the end. If you do not access this website you will get stuck as the first clue will enable you to open the first padlock as well as help later on in the mystery.

What age is The Mystery Agency The Balthazar Stone aimed at?

The Mystery Agency The Balthazar Stone is aimed at players aged 14 although I played this with my 13 year old and it was fine.

Can I get a hint?

You can find tiered hints and answers to help you solve the mystery by using the QR code in the box and adding the password.

How long does it take to play?

Depending on your skill level this can take around an hour although it can take longer if you miss the first clue.

How much does it cost?

The Mystery Agency The Balthazar Stone is priced at £40 on The Mystery Agency website. You can get a discount if you buy all three of the games currently in production. There is a fourth game due in the summer of 2023.

Do the Mystery Agency have other games?

The Mystery Agency currently have three games available to purchase. The Ghost in the attic and The Vanishing Gambler. They have a fourth due to be released in summer 2023.