Playmobil Citroen 2CV - Nostalgia at its best

Playmobil Citroen 2CV - Nostalgia at its best but a bit fiddly in places

The Playmobil Citroen 2CV playset comes with lots of parts that are great if you want the set for imaginative play but if you are looking to display it for nostalgic purposes it can be a bit irritating due to having to place detail stickers yourself. The ability to customise is great but get the placement of some of the other stickers wrong and you could find yourself frustrated


  • Brilliant quality
  • Lots of pieces
  • Icon design
  • Customising options


  • Placing stickers yourself
  • Having to build the wheels
  • Not being able to open the doors

The iconic Citroën 2CV equipped with figures and accessories for a trip through the country. With sticker sheet and interchangeable headlights to customize your Citroën 2CV.

Whats in the box?

The Playmobil Citroen 2CV playset comes with

  • 3 Playmobil figures with accessories
  • a pig
  • two geese
  • two milk cans
  • interchangeable front headlights
  • sticker sheet

The three figures include are a woman, a man and a French Policeman. The set includes range of accessories including two hats and a bag that can be opened. You also get a gun, gun holder and a whistle which belong to the policeman. The pig has a moving head and the two milkcans have moving handles.

The wheels need to be assembled when you first get your Playmobil Citroen 2CV vehicle. All of the parts come in a separate bag. They clip together easily and fit on to the vehicle with ease.

Although the doors to the Playmobil Citroen 2CV do not open you can take off the roof (soft top) and open the boot (tailgate) which allows you to place the figures inside and store items away. Both of these areas are easy to open and close.

Also included is a range of stickers so you can decorate your vehicle in a variety of ways. You also get a bag with the trim details inside including the different front headlights.

How to get started

Building the Playmobil Citroen 2CV vehicle is nice and easy with only a few parts needing to be assembled. This includes the wheels, vehicle trims and stickers.

What age is it suitable for?

Suitable for ages 5 plus but this is really aimed at the kidult/collectors market. Those who have nostalgia for the real vehicle will love having this set to display.

Do they have other products

Playmobil have a huge range of products which focus on different themes and ages.