Jurassic Park Danger! Board Game by Ravensburger

Jurassic Park Danger! Board Game by Ravensburger - A great strategy game for fans but it can take a while to set up

Overall, the Jurassic Park Danger! Board Game by Ravensburger is a thrilling and action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s perfect for fans of the movie, as well as anyone who loves a good strategy game.


  • Great modular board allows for variety of game play
  • Lots of characters to choose from giving more character goals
  • Team work
  • Brilliant quality pieces


  • Can take a while to set up

The Jurassic Park Danger! Board Game by Ravensburger is a thrilling and adventurous game that takes you on a journey to the infamous Jurassic Park. This game is suitable for children aged 10 and above, and can be played by 2 to 5 players. In this game, you take on the role of one of the iconic characters from the movie, such as Dr. Grant, Ellie Sattler, or Ian Malcolm. You work together to explore the park, gather resources, and complete missions, all while trying to avoid being eaten by the deadly dinosaurs that roam the island. The game includes a modular game board that can be rearranged to create different scenarios, as well as 3 different dinosaur miniatures that bring the park to life. The game play is fast-paced and exciting, with players having to make strategic decisions to outsmart the dinosaurs and complete missions. The game also features a unique mechanic where a player can take control of the dinosaurs and use them to their advantage.

Whats in the box?

In the box you will find

  • 110 cards made up of 10 character decks and 1 dinosaur deck
  • 11 player mats made up of 10 character mats and 1 dinosaur mat
  • 19 island tiles
  • 5 perimeter frames
  • 10 character movers
  • 3 dinosaur movers
  • 13 fences
  • 10 goal tokens
  • 4 lock tokens
  • 3 location tokens
  • 1 dinosaur oken
  • 1 helicopter token
  • 1 die
  • instructions

The island tiles feature locations, dinosaurs positions, fences and more. They show you on the back where they can be placed but you do so faced down so you cant see where each tile will be until you turn them all over. The perimeter tiles go around the edge and the center tiles in the middle. The start tile must always be placed in the start position in the center of the board.

The fence tiles are placed after they are activated. As a team you decide if you want to turn all the fences on. You cant decide to only turn some of them on. If you turn them on place the fence tiles on the relevant fence images on the board with the lightning bolt showing.

The location tokens are placed on the board at the beginning, grey side up. Once a location is activated turn these over to the colour side. Each location has an action once activated.

  • Control center – place the lock tokens on the maintenance shed, control center, visitors center and helicopter pad locations to keep out the dinosaurs.
  • Visitors center – Theplayer who activates this location can select two cards from their discard pile and add them to their hand
  • Maintenance shed – when activated this can turn on all the electric fences

Lock tokens will be placed on locations when the control center is activated.

Character goal tokens will be given to the character when they succeed at their individual goals.

The helicopter token is placed once all three locations have been activated.

Setting up play as a human character

Choose which character you want to play as. Each character has a character goal that they must complete before they can escape. Place the character mat in front of you and all 10 character cards are in play. Place your character mover on the start tile. If your character needs to go to a specific space to complete your goal place your character token on that space. Read your character goal to all players before starting the game. If there is only two players, one player is the dinosaurs and the other player plays as two characters at the same time

You can choose to play as the following characters. To make it harder you could choose to draw these at random.

  • John Hammond
  • Dennis Nedry
  • Donald Gennaro
  • Robert Muldoon
  • Lex Murphy
  • Dr alan Grant
  • Dr Ellie Sattler
  • Dr Ian Malcolm
  • Tim Murphy
  • Ray Arnold

The character cards show the moves you can make these include run, climb or sneak. Some of these action require you to roll a number equal or higher to the one shown on your card.

Playing as the Dinosaurs

Place the Dinosaur mat, cards and Dinosaur token in front of you. Take 3 cards to create your starting hand. The remaining cards stay in the draw pile. Place the Dinosaur token on the rest space on your mat. Place the dinosaur movers on their corresponding spaces.

How to play

The game is played in rounds consisting of four steps taken in order

  1. Dinosaur places a card face down on their mat. Draw a new card to make your hand up to 3.
  2. Humans place a card face down on their mat. If a card is marked as a free action it can not be selected.
  3. Dinosaurs move and play dinosaur action
  4. Humans move and play optional free actions

Dinosaur cards and actions

Dinosaurs have three cards

  • RUN – run into an adjacent space. Can not cross cliffs no any electric fences
  • CLIMB – climb over cliffs and deactivated electric fences into an adjacent space
  • SNEAK – Lay your dinosaur on its side in its current space. During step 3 of the next round you dinosaur must reappear in its current space or an adjacent space. You can cross cliffs and deactivated fences to move into this space. If you reappear in a space where a character is there but not sneaking it attacks the character.

Depending on the dinosaur there are different actions you can take. You can take your action before or after you move. When you use an action move your dinosaur token on your mat to the corresponding dinosaur space. You can not use the same action two goes in a row.

  • VELOCIRAPTOR – Move up to two spaces in a straight line. Can cross cliffs and deactivated fences.
  • TYRANNOSAURUS REX – When you attack, select two cards at random instead of one from the human players hand
  • DILOPHOSAURUS – Attack one character in an adjacent space. This works through cliffs and deactivated fences.

If you choose not to use an action move your token to the rest space.

Human actions

When rolling to use a card you can boost your roll by burning one of more of the cards in your hand. This increases the roll by the number shown in the lower right corner of the card. Place these in your burn pile. You can play a distract card to move a dinosaur away from another player or from blocking a space. It can be played before or after moving. You can not distract a sneaking dinosaur. Move the dinosaur from the adjacent space into your space. The dinosaur must attack immediately unless you are sneaking.

At the end of any round you may choose to replenish your hand by burning your remaining cards. Place the cards in the burn pile and replace your cards from the discard pile. You can not take cards out of the burn pile if your discard pile is empty you can not replenish your cards.

If your character escapes or is eliminated you can select a new character. Give the dinosaur player your character move and take the new characters and cards and place the character mover on the start space.

How do you activate a location?

Once per round while at a location you can attempt to activate it by rolling the die. If you roll a 5 or higher this will activate the location and you can turn the location card over.

How to win as human players

As the humans you must activate the 3 locations and get a specific number of characters to the helicopter with their goal tokens in order to escape.If 2 to 3 players are playing then 2 characters must escape, if 4 to 5 players then 3 characters must escape.

How to win as the dinosaurs

As the dinosaurs you must eliminate three characters, this can be done in three ways

  • A dinosaur attacks a character when they have no cards in their hand
  • The player can not select a card during step 2 of a dinosaur attack
  • The player chooses to voluntarily eliminate their character

What age is it suitable for?

Suitable for ages 10 plus this strategy game involves team work, forward planning and the willingness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good if necessary.

Do they have other products

Ravensburger have other strategy games based on film franchises including Jaws Board Game and Alien: Fate of Nostromo Board Game