Jiggly Pets Gummymals - Soft, Squishy and Interactive
  • Jiggly Pets Gummymal’s are the toy gummy bear that kids will love to squish and play with

Jiggly Pets Gummymal’s are the toy gummy bear that kids will love to squish and play with.

With lots of different ways to play and a soft squishy body that kids will love to touch. With over 20 sounds and reactions it is lots of fun.


  • interactive
  • tactile
  • lights and sounds


  • kids could get bored easily
  • attracts dirt

Jiggly Pets Gummymals are soft squishy animals that come with a bottle and produce over 20 sounds and reactions depending on how you interact with them. There are four different colours to collect and each colour has a different expression.

Whats in the box?

Inside the packaging you will find a Jiggly pets Gummymal and a bottle which you can use to feed the gummymal. On the bottom there is a try me / on / off switch and the battery compartment which you need a screwdriver to access.

How to play?

The Jiggly Pets Gummymals can be played in different ways. It lights up and makes various noises. The movements that you can use are below.

  • Shake
  • Press belly once – tickle sounds
  • Press belly three times – fart noises
  • Feed with bottle – feeding sounds
  • Pat their back – burp noises
  • Lay them down – sleeping noises

What age is it suitable for?

Jiggly Pets Gummymals are suitable from age 4 plus.

What batteries does a Jiggly Pets Gummymal need?

The Jiggly Pets Gummymals come with a battery already included although these are only demonstration batteries so they may not last long. They need just one AA battery.

Do they have other products

Jiggly Pets Gummymals come from a range of Jiggly Pets products including Tan Tan the Orangutan and GiGi the Giraffe.