Care Bears Tenderheart Bear

Care Bears Tenderheart Bear with collectible coin - you almost dont want to take it out of the box
  • Care Bears Tenderheart Bear - instantly recognisable for fans old and new. A great addition to any collection

Care Bears Tenderheart Bear - great for fans old and new

The attention to detail on this plush is impressive, with the iconic Tenderheart Bear design accurately represented. The colours are vibrant and bright, and the heart-shaped nose and belly badge make it instantly recognizable to fans of the Care Bears franchise. The toy is also durable, with sturdy stitching and quality construction that can withstand rough play and frequent use. It is easy to clean and maintain, with the ability to spot clean or even machine wash if necessary.


  • Great quality¬†
  • Collectible coin
  • machine washable


  • a small amount of fur came out when first stroked

The Basic Fun Care Bears Tenderheart Bear plush is an adorable and huggable toy for kids and collectors alike. It is a high-quality stuffed animal made of soft, plush material that feels comfortable to touch and hold. The toy measures approximately 14 inches, making it the perfect size for cuddling and snuggling.

Whats in the box?

14 inch Tenderheart bear and collectible coin

This cute collectible coin reminds the recipient to care for those around them with the phrase ‘simply say, I care about you!’

What age is it suitable for?

Advertised for ages 4 plus due to the coin and plastic nose this can be given as a gift for younger children with supervision although it is just as much for adults.

How much does it cost?

Currently available on Amazon for £19.99

Do they have other products?

Basic Fun have released a huge range of retro items that we will remember from our childhood including Lite Brite, My Little Pony and Pound puppies.